Who We Are

Heritage Builders and Ralph Surianello, Inc. are companies proudly owned and operated by three generations of Surianello men. Heritage Builders focuses on the building of custom houses and Ralph Surianello, Inc. is hired for excavation services.


Ralph Surianello

Ralph established Ralph Surianello, Inc. in 1962. Born in 1935, Ralph moved to America from Italy in 1959 and is still working to this day at the age of 82. Ralph and his son Joseph opened Heritage Garden Center in Wakefield, MA in 1972 where they offered landscaping, mulch deliveries, and garden supplies for 26 years.   

Joseph (Joe) Surianello

Ralph's son, Joseph, was born in 1959 and started working full-time with his father in 1978. Joseph and Ralph opened Heritage Builders as a sister company to Ralph Surianello, Inc. in 1998 and Joseph is now the primary owner of both companies. Joseph enjoys working with family and taking on a variety of projects for new and longtime clients.



Jay Surianello

Joseph's son, Jay, was born in 1987 and joined the companies with his father and grandfather. He became a full-time employee in 2005, continuing this proud legacy of family workmanship. He graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Construction Management.

Our team

  • Clare Donahoe has been assisting all Surianello companies since 1985 and is still a valuable employee today. She handles all permitting and customer relations for the companies. Clare also works with Jay to manage the financials and bookkeeping. 
  • Wayne Peterson has been a devoted employee of the Surianello companies since 2001. He is an essential member to Heritage Builders and Ralph Surianello, Inc. due to his handy man skills and willingness to take on any task. 
  • Christie Surianello, Joseph's wife, assists in various projects and tasks for both companies. She started working at the Heritage Garden Center with Joe as a teenager in 1979 and now her eye for design is an asset when creating custom homes. 
  • Our loyal team of subcontractors have been working with us for several decades and provide exceptional quality and attention to detail.